Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Killer Dog

Many people would be scared of a bulldog , but I think after seeing this you'll know they're more clumsy and loving than a killer dog. Do you agree ? People that attack other humans don't have to walk around with their hands tied . Don't they ? Of course there're a couple dogs which are aggressive but then the human did something wrong with the education of their dog...
Well let me introduce you to this creature : His name is Tucker and he loves eating plants...
Oh and hey random fact : There's a bulldog that can actually skateboard (picture above) This issue could get people talking for hours and just go on about pros' & contra. 
I admit it's not a very pretty dog , then I'd rather post a husky or something..do wolves count as dogs too ? or are they more like apes to us ? 
well anyway have a great evening and PLEASE don't be confused by my blabbering , THANKS ;-)

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